Jacob “xcifer” Juulsgaard knows whats trending in the gaming industry, and if you are looking to promote your business  dont look any further.

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Livestreaming with a lot of fun

With good energy, a lot of laughter, and the ability to lead a two hours livestream with +150 viewers per livestream, Jacob knows how to entertain his loyal followers, but also has the ability to make new ones feel welcome. Jacob guarantees high and controlled quality content made for the audience at the age of 18-24 years old. Based on his passion for gaming and the technology behind it, Jacob is the right candidate for promoting your game or company.

Jacob “xcifer” Juulsgaard has, as long as he can remember, been fascinated by gaming and the technology behind it. With regards to gaming equipment and all that is related to the gaming industry, xcifer will know whats trending. His large collection of games shows how passionate he is about the industry.

Collaborate with xcifer

In collaboration with Jacob “xcifer” Juulsgaard, you target an audience that is loyal to their favorite livestreamer and his content. You are ensured content of high, controlled quality when collaborating with xcifer, who has previously worked with, among others, gaming companies like ROCCAT and Shark Gaming.

  • You are in close contact with our team from the beginning
  • Along with Jacob, we are planning a strategy for your campaign
  • At the end of the project we make statistics and link traffic available

If you wish to promote your product or your businessesservices to appear with more than 150 viewers on a three hours long livestream, xcifer is the well suited candidate for expanding for your online campaign or advocating your businessproducts.

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