Magnus Rasch

Magnus Rasch participated in the Danish version of X Factor in 2021 as an attempt to turn his dream into a reality – to deliver personal and down-to-earth music.

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A great start to his journey

Magnus Rasch participated in the Danish version of The X Factor 2021 and that changed his perspective on music – only pursuing his dream of becoming a singer even more. Spending the first year after The X Factor on gathering the perfect team and practicing on his debut single “Gold”, Magnus was signed to Ractic Music Group in January 2022. Inspired by Lewis Capaldi, Sam Tompkins and Justin Bieber, Magnus strikes to express his emotions and personal life in his songs, and “Gold” is no exception; co-written with the Eurovision Song Contest-songwriter Rob Price, Rasch sings about falling in love, being a mess in a relationship and being a human isn’t always easy when love controls your life.

Booking of Magnus Rasch

Magnus delivers sensitive songs with a different and loving voice that brings the songs to life. There is no doubt that Magnus manages to put his own touch on songs – regardless of whether it is his own or a cover, and you will be able to feel that through his performance. Magnus Rasch has devoloped musically in just two years and his performance is very intimate through his songs.

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