Goldistic’s music has great international potential, and it is clear how they fit into the categories for international music.

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Packed with a lot of experience

Founded by Martin Rasmussen and Jannik Vistisen, Goldistic have a great deal of experience in the music industry. Goldistic has produced music for many years. Besides original tracks, Goldistic has produced quite a few remixes of other artistis’ tracks. Goldistic have shared the stage with other artists like Hedegaard and Bro.

Goldistic strive to enter the nation and international scene for electronic dance music. They have been supported by artists such as Blaze U, Marc Korn and Kayote. Goldistic has collaborated with artists such as Semitoo and Westerlund, and if you into modern electronic dance music, do not look any further. Goldistic has released music on labels like Future House Cloud and Relavel Records.

Booking of Goldistic

If you want to get to your audience with lots of energy and get out to thousands of young people who love music, Goldistic is the right candidate for you. At festivals, music scenes, and clubs, the music is alive, and so is Goldistic. Reach new highs with new music.

  • You are in close contact with our team from the beginning
  • Along with Goldistic, we set a plan for your specific needs
  • Our team offers to plan your concert with Goldistic

You now have the opportunity to add a new style of music for your next concert or music club. Goldistic guarantees a high energy level that can kick start the party, both as a pre-party, during a concert or as a warm-up.

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