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Kasper Aarbye has gained a fair amount of subscribers on YouTube since be began in 2019. Kasper is known for his kind and positive spirit.

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Driven by his passion for comedy

What started as a hobby for Kasper, later evolved into a way of living for him. With his passion for comedy and sketches, Kasper is no doubt one of the fastest growing micro YouTube-entertainers. Kasper guarantees content made for children and kids at the age of 13-24 years old and with his drive and energy, drawing inspiration from the universe of animated movies, Kasper is the right character to target Generation Z.

Kasper has a strong presence on YouTube where he generates more than 100K views per month. With weekly uploads, including comedies and vlogs, Kasper is able to engage his audience. Kasper has a good connection with his viewers, and if you are looking to connect with Generationz Z, Kasper is the right choice.

Collaborate with Kasper Aarbye

Your digital marketing is in safe hands in a vibrant universe of comedies and fun features. In collaboration with our team and Kasper Aarbye, we ensure that your brands values and ideas are presented in a alternative and fun initiative. Kasper is a creator who is adaptable and accommodating.

  • You are in close contact with our team from the beginning
  • Along with Kasper, we are planning a strategy for your campaign
  • At the end of the project we make statistics and link traffic available

If you are looking to expand your business products in a different way by taking the comedic path, Kasper Aarbye is the right candidate. He will highlight your product, or be the advocate for your next online campaign. Kasper delivers content on YouTube.

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