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We deliver digital marketing and management. In the attempt to increase the quality level, we created Wonderful Mondays.

Storytelling that suits your brand and company

Advertising, conceptualized as storytelling on social media and other digital platforms, isnt just a great way to make your campaign or products stand out in the digital world. It also makes your brand light in a different way.

Building upon the foundation of your brand and business profile, our creators are in possession of the right tools and knowledge of their audience to promote and expose your products, services or business.

Choose the right creator and platform for your campaign

If you already have the basic idea or concept for an upcoming campaign for your business or products, we have the creators that will fit your business profile and values perfectly.

Based on data from our creators audience on their digital platforms, we deliver strategic campagins suited for your idea. If you need help with expanding your concept, our creators love creativity.

Strategy and creative concept development

Are you lost in the world of online advertising? Do you want to make the right move with the generation that uses online devices and digital platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram — we’ve got you covered!

In our portfolio we represent candidates that possess creativity and have the right tools to turn you business’ services and products into an online campaign, if you want to target a new online audience.

Taking a pride in meetups, receptions and social events

People connect differently when whey are in an enviroment of good energy and are surrounded by great people, and thats why we take pride in arranging meet & greets and social events. Our creators have a great number of followers who are supportive and grateful for their content, and thats why giving back with social events means a lot to us and our creators. We are always open to opportunities.

Passion for people

We are storytellers, content creators and a forum of ideas. We are bringing stories to life, turning ideas into reality, and loving every step of the way.